Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra’s better half and divine consort lovingly and reverently addressed as ‘Boroma’ was an ideal woman whose qualities surpass descriptions by normal human being. To her, Sree Sree Thakur was the ideal whom she revered, loved and served with sincerity hitherto unknown. Sree Sree Thakur said that, if he had taken birth as a woman, he would have been probably like Boroma in nature, character and sincerity. On many occasions, Sree Sree Thakur had rated Sree Sree Boroma even above himself. His immortal sayings in ‘Narir Niti’ are reflections of Boroma’s loving nature and ideal womanhood. Sree Sree Thakur further said that, he could perform his task as a religious teacher mainly because of inspiration and services rendered by Sree Sree Boroma. She was the pivot of the Satsang Ashram, where devotees used to find motherly love and affection.


Sree Sree Boroma was the manifested embodiment of the characteristics of Indian womanhood. Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra had given the true meaning of the sanskrit word Naari (woman) as one who creates, nourishes and inspires. According to our scriptures, a woman can be compared to the soil which nourishes and nurtures a seed and gives it life. The word ‘badhu’ in Sanskrit stands for the term wife. ‘Badhu’ means she who with all her being carries her husband. According to Sree Sree Thakur, “Wife is she who never wipes out her adherence to the husband, and husband is he who through his love for his Ideal doesn’t separate himself from her wife’s existential interest in every suffering and happiness.” 

The words of her husband were the great mantra of Sree Sree Boroma’s life which she never forgot for a moment. All her life she carried out those words in her dealing, conduct and way of life. In her conscious and sub-concious states of being, her Lord would remain awake ever. Sree Sree Thakur wrote to her, ‘A wife, who, considering her husband God, considers service unto him as service unto God, suffers in the pain of the her husband and elates in his happiness- such a woman who knows nothing else but her husband, I have much to learn from such a goddess.” Sree Sree Thakur told her, “You are the mother of all.” He has given away the greatest seat of womanhood to her. Her ideals, affection, her everyday life and activity- everything pivoted around her husband. It was a beautiful illustration of Indian womanhood.


Sree Sree Thakur remembering this exemplary nature of Sree Sree Boroma said “if she had not tolerated the scolding of her mother-in-law she couldn’t have become what she is today. O, how much rebuke has she not tolerated ! She was supposed to clean the surroundings of the house with cow-dung mixed with water in the early morning. If even for one day she failed in her duty there would be heavy scolding from her mother in-law. But nonetheless she was most favourite  of her mother in-law. After the morning scolding, the mother in-law would feed the daughter in-law with a number of dishes and if the latter didn’t take the served food with relish, she wouldn’t be spared at that time. The mother in-law with a very affectionate tone would address her to take all items of the served food. And would tell her “your satisfaction is the most precious thing for me.”

Sree Sree Boroma had the knack of managing the household affairs with the least waste and observing economy with prudence while spending money. She used to preserve even small pieces of paper for further use. She persevered even small things and would bring them out at the time of their need. Her memory was superb. She would remember in detail at what place she had kept one thing or the other. It is said that while sweeping the floors if she found a particle of grain she wouldn’t sweep it away but collect it to put it back in the sack of grain.

Because of her relentless support in the background, Sree Sree Thakur could carry out the mission of his life, i.e., the Satsang movement without any hindrance. Her life was totally and unconditionally devoted to her husband.  Once Sree Sree Thakur fell ill for a long time of forty two days. During that period Sree Sree Boroma sat by his side throughout the day and night. Her only intake was a glass of lemon juice for the whole day. Once Sree Sree Thakur told before his devotes that Sree Sree Boroma was not only the mother of his children; she was also his mother and mother of all.

Sree Sree Thakur dreamt of a society where every house-hold runs as an educative institution. In his words: “Have thy house-hold turned into an educative institution for thy family in practical operation, handling the house-hold affairs with tactful administration adjusting each and every moment like a high-school series.”  Sree Sree Thakur believed that a woman plays a pivotal role in creating such a house-hold. He emphasized the role of the mother in measuring the life of her child. Mother needs to implant the basic foundations of his or her life keeping them sound in a useful form.    

Sree Sree Boroma was the brightest example of deep tolerance and never-ending patience. Her touch would give a cool affectionate loving, nourishing and reassuring feeling to each and every being. They would find peace in her presence.

This great woman, Sree Sree Boroma was born as the daughter of Ramgopal Bhattacharya of Garadaha village of Pabna District in Bangladesh on Sunday the 30th of July 1894 on Krishnadwadashi Tithi. Her parents named her Soroshibala Devi.


In the present times, our depraved, indisciplined chaotic, centerless life is now thirsty to rediscover these features of womanhood again in our women. The tired mind now seeks true happiness, peace and relief. Sree Sree Boroma’s hard-working, struggling, inquisitive life is a great and reassuring source of inspiration for each of us. By following these ideals woman will find her life meaningful, man will find his home an abode of peace and happiness. Every home will be a shelter of joy and relief.

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